Had better days racing, firstly have to say a BIG get well soon to those involved in our race 2 grid stalling collision. it looked particularly nasty.
I luckily just managed to miss the bike, race 2 was reduced to a 5 lap sprint due to the hour delay in clearing the grid.
All the excuses in the world would still have made a winner of a better person on my bike on the day, however for accuracy I'll get it in the sitrep. :)
I was late for qualifying on cold tyres due to the noise testing location or the fact it had started not being known, but head down and all that.  
The grid was pretty busy with 30 bikes due to Roadstocks being mixed in with the Pre-injection lot.  Joining the already lapping bikes through the pit lane was a lot like pulling off a grid-locked island in rush hour. Bad grid position, lap times badly down not helped by a badly misting helmet but a better man could have done a better job given the same circumstances I'm sure.  5th row, 13th position on the grid only slightly ahead of halfway, I'm certain I was nearer Hinckley town centre than the grid at Mallory Park.
Race-1.    Slowly getting high from the Gaffa tape adhesive now adorning my face to reduce condensation in my helmet it was time to reacquaint myself with launching when the start lights go out.  It's surprising how quickly you forget just how crazy it can get when 30 bikes are all trying to enter Gerrards at the same time.
Approximately 3 laps in and the visor began to mist so badly I could only see running water and not even see the bikes gear indicator.  After settling behind a very brightly coloured bike to help me see I trundled around making myself as wide as possible.  I swear if the guy in front didn't have fluorescent yellow writing on his leathers I would have had to pull in.  13th position, 5th in class maintained, very poor indeed.  With lap times that could be measured with a sundial I was clearly not on it.
Race-2.    The start of the race was eventful to say the least, a rider near the front of the grid unfortunately stalled during launching, this never ends well.  A rider nearer the rear of the grid who at the time of reaching the stalled bike was obviously more concerned with starting his race as quickly as possible unfortunately collided with the stalled bike.  The track was closed for an hour as the clear up operation was under way resulting in the second race being reduced into a 5 lap sprint.  Donning my spare helmet this time misting was not an issue,  11th position and 5th in class. Certainly far from my best racing experience but onwards and upwards and most definitely on new rubber for the next round.



2015 Calendar.

Round 1.  March 16th  -  Mallory Park.

  • Race 1.  3rd place  -  1000Cc Roadstock
  • Race 2.  2nd place  -  1000Cc Roadstock



Round 2.  April 13th  -  Cadwell Park.

  • Race 1.  6th place  -  1000Cc Roadstock
  • Race 2.  4th place  -  1000Cc Roadstock


Round 3.  May 18th  -  Mallory Park.

  • Race 1.  7th place  -  1000Cc Roadstock
  • Race 2.  3rd place  -  1000Cc Roadstock and overall


Round 4.  July 6th  -  Mallory Park.

  • Race 1.  DNF (*Crash!*)
  • Race 2.  Lined up last place on grid, finished 6th in class, 8th overall
  • Bad weekend.

Race of The Year.  November  2nd  -  Mallory Park - Open Class.

  • Qualified 26th
  • Race 1. 16th
  • Race 2. 12th

Latest news.

Race of Champions - Mallory Park - 2nd November.

Perhaps we would have been better prepared with a windmill and a snorkel.

With only four club class riders making up the minority of the predominantly professional BSB riders on the grid we knew the day was going to be tough.  With a £10,000 winners purse up for grabs it was easy to understand why so many big guns turned up.  With an ageing Roadstock specification bike pitted against some awesome looking kit and experienced jockeys it was a case of having to grit our teeth and admire the views.  However as the old adage goes in order to finish first, first you must finish and many made their way onto the kitty litter no longer mounted on their bikes.

Qualifying was a futile waste of fuel and rubber as despite the transponder being picked-up by the circuit organisers my qualifying time wasn't associated with my name.  So I was allocated last place on the grid, but at least we've not crashed yet.  I was to later learn I was fourth from last but that still would have put me nearer the front end of the club class.  The tyres were well past their best and overwhelmed by the very wet conditions so after a handful of laps I pitted to get a newer rear wet tyre fitted.  Special thanks have to go to Keith Bugsy Jaggard of Total Plant Ducati who let me have a second-hand scrubbed rear ready for Race 1.  

Unfortunately while following Keith in race 1 I was witness to a pretty nasty looking crash involving Keith as he gunned his Ducati hard through Lake Esses.  Luckily Keith escaped with only serious bruises, however there was a moment while dodging his unconscious, spinning body that I feared the worst.  

The replacement rear wet tyre might have been second-hand but felt phenomenal and in race 1 managed to go from last place and gain back the four places.  However the BSB boys were soon to lap us club boys, their experience, tyres and professional set-up in such wet conditions simply couldn't be matched.  Still they only matched to lap me once and we hadn't crashed.... yet.

For race 2 I lined up on the grid four places nearer the front to a quickly drying track.  With only our now warm wet tyres ready we decided to stick with them for the race.  Although being told by some big names to be careful running them on such a dry track did have me starting to wonder if the decision was the correct one, everyone else had slicks or very intermediates fitted.  With a now badly slipping clutch gradually getting worse after the two lap warm-up it was fingers crossed to see if I could launch off the line.  Luckily the now badly grabbing clutch still worked and I managed to even make it around the mighty Mark Littler of Buildbase BMW fame around Gerards, although this wasn't to last long.

This time the race went a little smoother and despite us all being once again lapped by the BSB teams albeit a little later near the end of the race the positives were there.  Finishing at the sharp end of the club boys and even lapping a none novice rider made the hassle or packing away sodden wet equipment not such a chore.  With almost the only person running full wet tyres I was hunting strange lines to get some moisture on the tyres and with a fast approaching storm had my fingers crossed for what could potentially be a dream come true finish.  However the heavy downpour arrived a little too late, just as we pulled into the pits at the end of the race, imagine if we had been delayed just a few minutes.

Well that's it for 2014, most certainly not the best season considering the final Roadstock championship position due to the crash in July, however it's merely made me more determined to give it another go next year.  Big thanks to all that have shown their support this year and a special thank you to Lucy Warren for all of her patience and help.

Qualifying: 26th position.
Race 1: Started 26th, finished in 16th position.
Race 2: Started 16th, finished in 12th position.