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2014 Season

Round 1.  March 16th  -  Mallory Park.

  • Race 1.  3rd place  -  1000Cc Roadstock
  • Race 2.  2nd place  -  1000Cc Roadstock




Round 2.  April 13th  -  Cadwell Park.

  • Race 1.  6th place  -  1000Cc Roadstock
  • Race 2.  4th place  -  1000Cc Roadstock


2014 Here We Go!

Latest news. 

Round 2  -  Cadwell Park.  

Totally alien rubber and alien track on a bike I've never used here before, coupled with the two previous visits ending in expensive tears meant I wasn't looking forward to this round.  A few mechanical gremlins but a mental note of when to use the quick-shifter was the workaround but not all bad news, the weather was dry if not a bit breezy with a damp start.

Qualifying: Mixture of learning the track and getting used to the crazy feeling but unfortunately very cold Dunlop rubber earned me a very poor last but one place on the grid. Plenty of derrière and rear tyres in front to try to get past.

Race 1: With some people to follow I quickly managed to learn the track a little better and get past some people grabbing 6th in class, 11th overall.

Race 2: Now situated in a better position on the grid I managed to get a good start off the line and fight through to 4th in class, 7th overall.

Lesson learned, a better qualifying sessions can make life a little less challenging.  A few problems with the quick-shifter causing false neutrals and the rubber which I'm not a fan of, seems to be overwhelming the standard front suspension compared to the flexible Pirelli/Metzeller. I suppose they perhaps work better 10/10th with posh suspension.  These excuses along with the track being new to me on the R1 means I think a 4th in class for race 2 we can be more than happy with.

Next round is Mallory on the 18th May

if you're there swing by and say hello, there's normally biscuits on offer. 

Latest Race News

Sunday 21/07/2013    |    Darley Moor.

Race 1.  3rd

Race 2.  3rd


2013 Race Results

1000cc EMRA Roadstock Championship 2013 Race Results

Final championship position - 3rd 1000Cc Roadstock


Round 6  -  September 22nd  -  Mallory Park

Taking Third in 1000cc Roadstock Championship

Race 1: 4th 1000Cc Roadstock

Race 2: 4th 1000Cc Roadstock


Round 5  -  August 18th  -  Mallory Park

Race 1: 4th 1000Cc Roadstock

Race 2: 6th 1000Cc Roadstock


Round 4  -  July 21st  -  Darley Moor

Race 1: 3rd 1000Cc Roadstock

Race 2: 3rd 1000Cc Roadstock


Round 3  -  May 19th  -  Cadwell Park

Race 1: DNF 1000Cc Roadstock

Race 2: 5th 1000Cc Roadstock


Round 2  -  April 7th  -  Mallory Park

Race 1: 5th 1000Cc Roadstock

Race 2: 5th 1000Cc Roadstock


Round 1  -  March 10th  -  Mallory Park

Race 1: DNF 1000Cc Roadstock

Race 2: DNF 1000Cc Roadstock


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