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2014 Here We Go!

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"The worst race day this season so far..."


Qualified incredibly badly, 10th position, 3rd row start.  Well it wouldn't be business as usual if I had a great qualifying. 

Race - 1.
Up to 6th and fighting for 5th overall and 5th in class when I got torpedo'd resulting in destroyed helmet but luckily the bike escaped any major damage.  A busy couple of hours by the magician Martin Morgan had the bike rideable for race 2.  Major thanks to Rob Heritage for lending me his spare helmet.  Lesson learned, carry more spares, two helmets on race day and don't crash.

Race - 2.
Unfortunately as I crashed in race 1 I was located very last place on the grid, plenty of work to do then.  After getting my head down I managed to get up to 8th overall and 6th in class.  I really need to start the day qualifying better and not crash.

Right! I'm off to get busy with the spanners and the broken bit's off to a welder.  Let's sort ourselves out for the August round, chin up.